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State of the art metal detection

Worksmart, Inc uses several off the shelf and proprietary metal detection devices.
Whites Spectra V3 with large double D coil is the standard metal detector used by Worksmart, Inc for near surface ferrous metal object searches.

Here is what nextdetector.com says about the V3: The Whites Spectra V3 Metal Detector is the best of the best. This high end metal detector has every adjustment and feature imaginable to assist you in not only locating treasure, but also identifying and recovering that treasure. The Spectra V3 Metal Detector's most impressive feature is it's intuitive visual color display system.

Metal detector

The Whites Spectra V3 metal detector uses three frequencies to help detect the deepest, oldest and best targets in the ground. There is no other metal detector on the market today that can do what this unique metal detector can do. There has never been a more efficient, more accurate or powerful means to locating treasure with a metal detector. The Whites Spectra V3 is truly a one of a kind metal detector.

For deep metal detection we use the PI-5500 from Accurate Locators
This is what they have to say about the PI-5500.

The PI-5500 is a professional pulse induction system we use for scanning large areas quickly looking for large targets.

Accurate Locators' PI Penetrator 5500 executes mastery of deep target detection, discrimination and detection of smaller deeper targets. Delivering best in class pulse Induction technology with revolutionary technologic breakthroughs from the Blanket Antenna to the pulse induction imaging. Deep target detection and the discrimination of smaller targets deeper, than standard VLF or Pulse Induction detectors.

The PI Penetrator 5500 is a very sensitive, deep penetrating and discriminating pulse induction metal detector. The PI Penetrator 5500 provides great functionality and greater depth than any comparable system. It discriminates ferrous and non-ferrous targets using the built-in or optional Magnetometer. An imaging data port for connection to data logging and 3D Imaging software which can also be used with a GPS system for pin-pointing and visualization of the buried object.
The PI Penetrator 5500 is designed for detecting deeply buried or lost metal objects, metal pipes, underground communication equipment, treasures, meteorites, precious metals and similar objects and can easily detect larger objects, buried up to 25 feet deep, because the unit works on the principle of electromagnetic induction at a very low frequency. The PI Penetrator 5500 is good choice not only for treasure hunters, but also for Archaeological detection and Geophysical prospecting.

Metal Detection

Our "down hole" metal detector was developed to pin point deep metallic objects. Pin pointers have long been used in metal detecting to do just what they say, “Pinpoint” the target so that recovery is assured. Normal pin pointers are just several inches in length.

Our pin pointer is ten feet and capable of pinpointing to any depth. Scans establish accurate location and depth so that excavations can be made very precise. They can even be used under water!

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